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Nais and Ermes forge strategic partnership: focus on AI in cybersecurity

In an exciting development, Nais, a market leader in Managed Services, Cyber Security, and Digital Transformation, proudly announces its partnership with Ermes, a cutting-edge producer of Cyber Security technology leveraging artificial intelligence for web protection.

The collaboration between Nais and Ermes highlights their commitment to advancing cybersecurity solutions in an age where artificial intelligence is playing an ever-increasing role.

To mark the beginning of this symbiotic relationship, both companies are thrilled to unveil an exclusive Round Table event: "Cybersecurity & AI: Protecting Businesses Through and With Artificial Intelligence."

Happening today, September 19, 2023, at 4:30 PM at Corso Mortara, 24 10149 - Torino, this event promises to be a compelling exploration of the intersection between AI and cybersecurity. A panel of esteemed industry experts will delve into the nuanced challenges and opportunities presented by AI in the cybersecurity arena. Attendees can expect an enriching dialogue on how artificial intelligence can simultaneously represent a potential threat and provide robust solutions in the evolving landscape of digital security.

For those unable to attend, live updates and significant takeaways will be shared, ensuring that the knowledge and insights from this important discussion are accessible to a broader audience.

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About Nais

Nais is a leading IT services company, specializing in Digital and Cyber Security, consistently pushing boundaries and setting industry benchmarks. Founded with the goal of providing innovative and high-quality solutions for business IT needs, Nais offers a wide range of services to ensure operational efficiency, information security, and digital transformation for its clients.

About Ermes

Ermes is at the forefront of Cyber Security technology, utilizing the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize web protection and offer unparalleled solutions in the digital age.