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Nais partners with Pentera Solution to enhance Security Validation Services

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, ensuring the security of your organization's data and systems is of paramount importance. Companies face an ever-growing threat of cyberattacks, which makes comprehensive security measures essential. Nais, a leading provider of security validation services, has taken a significant step to bolster its offerings by forming a strategic partnership with the Israeli cybersecurity solution, Pentera.

A Perfect Match for Security Validation Services

Nais, known for its expertise in ethical hacking, security validation, attack simulation, and security assessment services, has identified the need for cutting-edge solutions to consolidate the security posture of businesses. In pursuit of this goal, Nais conducted extensive research and found Pentera, an Israeli cybersecurity solution that aligns perfectly with its mission.

Pentera's comprehensive cybersecurity solution boasts several noteworthy features, including its agentless approach, aligning with ethical hacking practices, and enabling testing without intrusive agent installations or complex network configurations.

Nais Red Team executes ethical exploits seamlessly, encompassing actions like lateral movement, remote execution, and password cracking, without service disruptions. It offers detailed visibility into the attack vector, helping organizations understand the attack's progression and identify essential vulnerabilities for mitigation. Automation streamlines penetration tests, allowing users to define parameters and focus on other tasks.

With the solution Nais Red team also provides the flexibility of attack checkpoints for mission-critical systems, empowering security officers to manage intrusion levels selectively. Furthermore, it prioritizes remediation steps, aligning them with an organization's threat priorities and network assets. The platform stays current with the latest hacking techniques and supports custom business alerts for targeted testing, enhancing cyber resilience for specific applications and weaknesses.

With Pentera, Nais offers continuous protection by enabling organizations to maintain a uniform high-security standard across all their networks through automated penetration testing, bolstering resilience against evolving threats. It supports consistent validation, allowing organizations to conduct tests regularly to adapt to changing network conditions. The platform stays updated with the latest hacking techniques, ensuring that risk validation tools evolve rapidly to match emerging cyber threats. The platform's easy deployment process, requiring standard hardware and just a few hours of installation, ensures accessibility in any environment, simplifying security enhancement.

Through its partnership with Pentera, Nais aims to enhance its security validation services, providing clients with cutting-edge tools and expertise to safeguard their digital assets. This collaboration reflects Nais's commitment to staying at the forefront of cybersecurity and delivering the highest level of protection to its clients in an ever-evolving threat landscape.