Where the Cloud Revolution meets data center expertise

Audit & Compliance services

Managed Services for the next generation.

Nais Digital has a modular offering tailored to Client’s specific needs, with a plug-and-play engagement model.


NOC 4.0

Network Operations, reinvented.

Cloud Competence

We have brought together the best Cloud expertise in one operational unit, our Cloud Competence Center.
This way we are able to offer you the best support 24/7.


Backup & Disaster

Are you really sure that your backup, business continuity and disaster recovery policy is working?
Well, at this point you just have to prove it.

Patch Management

We pioneer the science behind Patch Management.
Try our proactive approach!

Design & Plan

Audit & Compliance

Digital Innovation requires specialized compliance expertise. Trust our consultants to comply with international standards.

Virtual CIO

Not every company is able to ensure the presence of a dedicated CIO, that’s why we have designed the virtual CIO service.
Try to believe!

Design and

There is no “one-size fits all” when it comes to Digital Innovation.
Start the Revolution with Nais.