Cutting-edge security, predictive and technologically agnostic

Cyber Security

From Planning to Operations, we are your cyber security experts

Nais Security is committed to running at the forefront of cyber security technology by investing in top talents and developing proprietary security technology, provided as-a-service.


Cyber Fusion Center
(SOC 4.0)

SOC has always been separated from other IT/OT departments. What’s the result?
A stand-alone, incomplete, and often unsuccessful strategy. Got your attention, now?

Threat Intelligence

Intelligence represents the next step in C-Security managed services. If you are not aware of the answer, you better find out our INT-solutions.


Ethical Hacking

We don’t have hoods, but certified skills!
Our Ethical Hacking Team can’t wait to test your networks, applications and web services.

Security Validation

Let us evaluate your current Security Posture with our technology-agnostic approach.

Design & Plan

Security Assessment

If you are not aware of your C-Security posture, are you able to focus your attention on what is truly relevant?
Trust our C-Security consultants and write down your tailor-made roadmap.

Virtual CISO

Not every company is able to ensure the presence of a dedicated CISO, that’s why we have designed the Virtual CISO service.
Try to believe!